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Office of Research innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)


Growth and prosperity of a society is closely linked to innovation and creativity. These functionalities are propelled by the progress of research and education. The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) play a pivotal role in stimulating intellectual growth and hence development of the society. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has directed all public-sector universities in the country to establish OFFICE of RESEARCH, INNOVATION and COMMERCIALIZATION (ORIC) to facilitate innovation, creativity, academic research and commercialization of the final product. Establishment of the ORIC is expected to boost the academics and hence contribute in the uplift of various parameters/indicators of our economy.


  • To promote productive research culture in the Government Sadiq College Women University (GSCWU) Bahawalpur.
  • To facilitate students and faculty in pursuing their research activities
  • To conduct training workshops for the faculty in project development, securing research grants and laboratory management
  • To develop research collaborations with national and international researchers and research organizations
  • To stimulate and appreciate innovative and creative research thinking, its implementation and disseminate information and knowledge thus obtained through publications, seminars and conferences
  • To incorporate objectivity in the research and education
  • To promote University-Industry linkage for commercialization


To help GSCWU develop into an excellent seat of higher learning through its research, curricular and co-curricular activities.

To fulfill the above-mentioned Missions and Vision ORIC was established in the GSCWU in September 2016 to promote and enhance the research culture in GSCWU, to provide support services in all aspects of research and to serve as a linking bridge between the corporate world/industry and the academia.


  • To plan research, innovation and commercialization activities as per guidelines of HEC
  • To disseminate information about research grant opportunities
  • To facilitate the faculty in development, submission and defense of research projects to acquire funding from national and international donor agencies
  • To organize seminars and training workshops for students and faculty of the GSCWU
  • To keep track and record of research activities of the faculty and the students of GSCWU
  • To develop contacts with various industrial organizations for possible commercialization of the research outcome
  • To appreciate and encourage research work of the faculty and the students through advertisement and grant of Research Productivity Awards (RPA) competitively
  • To facilitate researchers in making oral/poster presentation in national and international conferences
  • To provide professional support to the researchers, both faculty and students, for publication of original research articles, reviews, books and book chapters


TA/DA to attend conferences, workshops and seminars Half journal fee for publication with an impact factor >1.0

Current Activities

The ORIC team is grooming faculty members and students through a series of seminars/training workshops and conferences to create a research oriented mindset and environment in the University

Future Plans

The initial stage research work is going on in the areas of biological and chemical sciences, computer and information technology, and management sciences. The University aims at and is striving hard to be ranked amongst the best Universities based on research brilliance and commercialization of the corresponding product(s).