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Estate Care Office


The University has established Estate Care Department headed by the Registrar, comprising of Estate Officer and Land Officer. All of the two wings of the Estate (Sanitation, Land Scaping and Gardening) work independently under their respective Heads. The main objective of this department is to maintain cleanliness/beautification and Land Scaping at the campus with its Sanitation and Gardening branch, maintain inventories of the residential colonies, facilitate the process of housing allotments and monitor/implement the SOPs for the residents


The main objectives of the Estate Care Department are:

  • To adopt every possible mean for the beautification of the campus.
  • To maintain cleanliness at the campus.
  • To maintain and develop lawns at the campus with appropriate landscaping.
  • To keep/maintain inventories of the residential colonies.
  • To facilitate the process of housing allotments and demolish the encroachments.
  • To implement/monitor the S.O.Ps for the residents of GSCWU colonies.


  • All of the two wings of the Estate (Sanitation and Gardening and Land Scaping) work independently under their relevant Heads and underneath the administrative control of Registrar.
  • The Estate officer facilitates all the other wings in financial matters, monitor the housing allotment procedure, maintain housing inventories, demolish the encroachments and also control the sanitation branch.
  • The Land Officer is responsible for the maintenance, development and beautification of University lawns/surroundings with appropriate landscaping.

Mr. Akhtar Ali Ghuman
Mr. Rashid Salamat