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Department of Physics

Department of Physics considers its mission to provide students with state of the art knowledge in Physics and equip women to compete globally by making their contributions in ongoing technological innovations and advancements. In this frame, the department is accumulating the physics knowledge, developing and sharing it in a scientific community that shares common principles. At present, the department is providing learning resources to the BS and M.Sc. classes. The courses offered by Physics department covers all major area of Physics. The program offers a comprehensive package that covers full range of quality and research-oriented concepts. The qualified graduate of this unique program will be able to improve the quality of private as well as public sector institutes of Pakistan and contribute towards a better future for the coming generations. The department has facilities of laboratories where students can inspect the various experiments. Latest apparatus is added annually to keep the services provided updated.

The department has a highly qualified trained faculty. All the teachers are fully committed to impart research in various fields like Material Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Nuclear Physics, Medical Physics and Plasma Physics. The department arranges lectures, seminars and study tours for students to inform them of contemporary developments in the field of Physics.


BS Physics (04-Year, 08 Semesters)

BS Physics (5th Semester) (02-Year, 04 Semesters)

MS Physics (02-Year, 04 Semesters)

PhD Physics (03-Year, 06 Semesters)

Dr. Ambreen Kalsoom
Assistant Professor
Head of Department
Dr. Mehrun Nisa
Dr. Syeda Rabia Ejaz
Dr. Farah Andleeb
Dr. Sadia Malik