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Department of Economics

The department of economics intends to provide quality education at undergraduate and graduate level. The department is primarily offering two programs i.e. BS Economics since 2010 and M.Sc. Economics since 2013. These programs are designed to equip students with cutting edge knowledge in economic theory and policy to cope up with the challenges of the emerging economic issues. Likewise, these programs enhance analytical skills of the students through numerous applied courses and prepare them for further research in various areas of economics. These programs are job oriented and provide opportunities in numerous fields including civil services, banking, business, accountancy, research, academia, various ministries, think tanks, NGO's and consultancies.


BS Economics (04-Year, 08 Semesters)

BS Economics (5th Semester) (02-Year, 04 Semesters)

MS Economics (02-Year, 04 Semesters)

PhD Economics (03-Year, 06 Semesters)

Dr. Shumaila Sadiq
Assistant Professor
Head of Department
Dr. Taseer Salahuddin
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sara Noreen
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ismat Nasim
Assistant Professor
Ms. Sadia Mahwish
Ms. Khatiba Asmat Zahra