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Sustainable Development Goals


The United Nations 17 sustainable goals are calls to action related to the most threatening challenges faced by the world. The Government Sadiq College Women University Bahawalpur directly addresses the challenges set out in transforming our world by the end of 2030 for sustainable development. University is among the world-leading research institutions and Pakistan's best universities that consider social responsibility a core goal. GSCWU play a leading role in tackling sustainable development in four ways: research impact, learning and students, public engagement activity and responsible campus processes. University have championed sustainable development through higher education as a key signatory to the international SDG accord, which commits itself to transparent reporting and goal-setting through publications like this. Due to considerable effort of University to preserve the environment, University secured a ranking in the top 500 universities out of 1115 institutions from more than a dozen different countries and secured 1st rank in all private universities of Pakistan according to the World Times Higher Education impact rankings. Times higher education recognizes initiatives that contributed to sustainability in various aspects. It is aimed at a wide range of local, national and international audiences across the public, private, NGO, policy and educational sectors. The GSCWU hopes that it stimulates more ideas, actions, collaborations, and partnerships, which can help us play a significant role in tackling the world's SDGs by 2030.