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Career Counseling Center (ccc)

Career Counseling Center:

There are enormous environmental factors which have hampered industrial development and business growth in Pakistan. One of the most important reasons for this dilemma which requires more attention is the disrupted link between the industry and the academic world. Ironically, not much focus has been provided in this regard as earlier education was placed very low on the government’s priority list. Business and technical education, for the last 15 years, has attracted great popularity mostly through the private sector.

But after the year 2000, a huge number of universities in the public and private sector have been established which are successfully filling the gap between academia and industry. The filling of this gap is important so that the competencies and employability skills can be transferred to the students of the universities. For this purpose, various public and private sector universities in Pakistan have established career counseling and job placement centers. These centers deal with problems involving the students work, career, life and roles. The person who runs these centers are called Career Counsellors.  These career counsellors provide a person with the ability to understand and explain the what, why, how their overall life and career development tasks, challenges and the career goals they may have or the problems they may face is important especially in a complex society and disorderly workplace.

For this purpose, the Punjab Higher Education commission aims to establish the Career Counseling Centers (CCC) in public sector universities of the Punjab with a standardized criteria and clear role at institution level. We have a career counseling center too here in Govt Sadiq College Women University (GSCWU) Bahawalpur.

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