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MS/M.Phil Programs

MS/M.Phil Program at The Govt. Sadiq College Women University Bahawalpur

 The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) is an advance post graduate degree, partially based on advanced research in an area of studies. As per HEC requirements, M. Phil. degree is compulsory to join a Ph.D program, thus it acts as a bridge course for students willing to study Ph.D. It is a two years full-time course/research based program that contributes to complete 18 years of education, as a prerequisite of doctor of philosophy. Keeping in view the requirements of the Higher Education Commission and need of the community, the two years M.Phil. program has been launched at the The Govt. Sadiq College Women University Bahawalpur.


Scope of M.Phil. Program in Market, Social and Employment


The Master of Science in Marketing seeks to enhance the frontiers of knowledge and research in the domain of marketing, by bridging the gap between academia and industry. This program shall inculcate critical thinking and analytical skills in the students, and enable them to add value to the ongoing processes and existing systems in public and private sectors. MS program offers broad opportunities to both practitioners  who seek rewarding and challenging marketing positions in public, private, profit and non-profit sectors; and scholars who seek research and teaching careers in education and social sectors.


The objectives of the MS/M.Phil. program are:

  • To extend the educational opportunities to the women of Southern Punjab
  • To produce skilled professionals for teaching positions in colleges, universities and training institutions of Pakistan.
  • To enable the graduates to meet the challenges of modern world.
  • Create scholars for high profile career in teaching and research.
  • To initiate significant research at GSCWU that acquires a good all-round knowledge of informatics of specialist areas.
  • To develop communication skills in students by advancing proficiency level so that they may become able to affectively share their ideas and research findings with national and international community.
  • To inculcate confidence, courage and practical wisdom in students.
  • To help the students to become productive members of the society, that may lead in poverty alleviation.
  • To impart humanistic values in students, promoting tolerance in society and creating peaceful environment at GSCWU and in Pakistan.
  • To enhance the ranking of GSCWU at national and global level.


MS/ M. Phil in Chemistry

MS/M.Phil in Mathematics