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Club and Societies

Urdu Dramatic Club

The Urdu Dramatic club keeps on providing a fantastic plate form for artistic young women to promote their talents and has raised its collection from shows for charity to help poor and needy students.


English Dramatic Club

The English Dramatic Club organizes various events of dramas, debates and speeches. To foster students’ interest in spoken skills and expressions, various attempts are made.  Famous Shakespearean plays, Othello, Macbeth have been performed by the talented girls of GSCWU.


Nazarya-e-Pakistan Society

This society was formed decades back in GSCWU. It works to celebrate every National Day of Pakistan and commemorate the hard work of great National Heroes. On each National day, programs are organized and different vigorous speeches and skits are performed.


Sports club

Sports are great socializing force in the student’s community. These bring the students together with emphasis on personal values and personality development. Participation in games and physical fitness is not only an objective but it is also vital for the health of youth. Survival of any nation, to a considerable extent, depends on the physical fitness. Proficiency in all walks of life is also largely depends on health of the population, especially for youth. Whereas food provides necessary energy for the body, physical activities (Sports & Games) tune up the human organs by utilizing body energy in proper physical activities.


Achievements of GSCWU in National Sports Events

The physical education department holds a numbers of trophies in various games i-e hockey, badminton, basketball, taekwondo, and athletics. The players from GSCWU have also won cash prizes from the Chief Minister Punjab, Mr. Shehbaz Sharif.

In Punjab youth festival 2012, the department of physical education took the honor of hosting the event at both district and divisional levels. The department stood as runner up in number of games (Cricket, hockey, tug of war, basketball, badminton, karate, and athletics).

One of the player got position in karate on the provincial level.

The GSCWU holds the pride in winning two prestigious awards at the National Level.

Samina Jalil and Sana Rafique are the national stars of the major event and the representatives of the GSCWU.

Two best students in sports of GSCWU got number of medals and cash prizes in 2013 to 2015. Following details are given below:

  • Medal in Wusho UET Lahore.
  • Silver medal in Karate UET Lahore.
  • 32 National Wusho, justice silver, bronze medal Punjab University Lahore.
  • Bronze medal in 9th National Women Championship held in Lahore.
  • Winner of Intercollegiate Women Basketball Championship 2013-2014.
  • 1st position of GSCWU in Intercollegiate games 800M and 400M race.
  • Best player of 2013-2014 was SaminaJamil.
  • Best athlete of 2013-2014 was Sana Rafiq.
  • SaminaJamil was a cash prize holder of worth PRs 150,000 from HEC during 2012 to 2015



Bahawalpur and its surrounding area are very rich with its ancient and magnificent traditions in art, architecture and culture. Thus, it was a demand of time that this region must have an institution of arts which should preserve and continue the stupendous history of art and architecture.