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DSA Office


The Student Affairs Office offers a variety of services to students and facilitates their curricular and co-curricular activities. This office functions as a friendly guide to students, addressing their needs from the time they make the first inquiry regarding admission in the University till they graduate. At GSCWU, we not only provide opportunities involving academic challenges to the youth, but also offer excellent facilities with the sole purpose of enriching the minds and lives of students. The University helps to promote the intellectual, cultural, personal and social development of our students while enhancing their physical well being. The Student Affairs office is manned with an efficient and courteous staff that helps to facilitate students from the day they seek admission. Information and guidelines are dispensed to students by the Student Affairs Office besides providing counseling, and explains rules and regulations. An important function of this office is to promote extra-curricular activities amongst the students by providing them healthy outlets in sports and games and furnish them with forums so that they may cultivate their literary and artistic potential and make their stay at campus a rich experience of multi-dimensional growth.


All the student related activities can be held /organized or initiated inside or outside the university campus with the prior approval of competent authority by adopting the following procedure.

  1. The invitation or information regarding participation/organization of events / competitions received by the director student affairs will be forwarded to the incharge of the concerned society.
  2. The society will prepare the students for the respective event/competition within the given time and inform the DSA.
  3. The DSA will forward the details of students/team/faculty prepared for an event/ competition to the Vice Chancellor Office for further approval or will deal in accordance with the policy given by the competent authority.
  4. Nobody can invite or interact with any individual, organization, association or agency for students’ activities without the approval of DSA and the competent authority.
  5. No individual or organization can display any banner or install any stall without the approval of DSA and the competent authority inside the university campus.
  6. To organize the departmental/inter-departmental/society events/competitions, and application duly signed by the Chairperson of the concerned department/incharge of society will be processed to the DSA for further approval by the competent authority.
  7. Detail of students charged with misconduct/violation of university rules and regulations will be provided to DSA to be forwarded this to the disciplinary action committee of the University for Further Necessary Action.


General Provisions

University Code of Conduct

The University’s expectations for student conduct are grounded in the University Code of Conduct: “The core values of The Government Sadiq College Women University are learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility. Each member of the University is expected to uphold these values through integrity, honesty, trust, fairness, and respect toward peers and community.”


Conduct Expected of Students

  1. Must follow the Local, State, or Federal Law and not to violate any provision whether or not the violation occurs on University property or in connection with any University-oriented activity.
  2. Must respect other students / employee and the faculty of university / visitors at the campus
  3. Must identify and assist the university authorities in measures to control the engagement in the use, possession, or sale of an illegal drug or narcotic, or possession of drug paraphernalia.
  4. Must promote cooperative and conducive attitude by discouraging the Harassment of any kind on the campus; harassment is defined as conduct that is sufficiently severe, pervasive, or persistent to create an objectively hostile environment that interferes with or diminishes the ability of an individual to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, or privileges provided by the University; for a complete set of cross-references to all harassment policies on the campus,
  5. Must protect and discourage the unauthorized use of the university property including keys, equipment, resources, supplies, buildings, or facilities owned or controlled by the University.
  6. Must promote appropriate and proportionate use of an information technology resource owned or controlled by the University or uses an information technology resource for an illegal, threatening, or intentionally destructive purpose; prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, circumventing system or network security, committing copyright infringement, transmitting unsolicited e- mail, sharing a University-issued password, falsifying an e-mail header, and using resources for personal financial gain or profit.
  7. Must respect the privacy of other students/ university employees and faculty and must not in surveillance or recording of any type without the subject’s knowledge or consent in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and/or the broadcasting or distribution of such material.
  8. Must identify oneself/ herself to an institutional representative in response to a request
  9. Must obey the university rules and regulation and not to assist another person in committing any violation of the said rules and regulations.
  10. Must stay at the campus according to the schedule provided by the university/ timetable of the respective discipline/department
  11. Must promote peaceful environment in the campus by avoiding any verbal, electronic, or written communication that is directed to incite or produce imminent lawless action.


1. Director of student affairs 

    Mrs. Shazia Mushtaq
(Asst. Prof. Botany)

2. Deputy Director of student affairs

a Discipline (proctoral board) Mrs. NarjisTanveer
(Asst. Prof. Political Sciences)
b Co-circular activities Dr. Maryam
(Asst. Prof. Botany)
c Co-circular activities Mrs. Sadia Mehwish
(Lecturer- Economics)

3. Co-circular societies/club

i Dramatic society  
  English Mrs. Mubarra Javed
(Asst. Prof. English)
  Urdu Mrs. Bilqees Iqbal
(Asst. Prof. Urdu)
ii Debating society  
  English Mrs. Saira Khalid
(Asst. Prof. English)
  Urdu Mrs. Nighat Latif
(Assoc. Prof- Urdu)
iii Nazria-Pakistan society Mrs. Salma Khan
(Asst. Prof. Political Sciences)
iv Character building society Mrs. Almas Fatima
(Asst.Prof. History)
v Islamic society Dr. Farzana Iqbal
(Asst. Prof. Islamiat)
vi Science society Mrs. Rehana Kousar
(Asst.Prof. Physics)
vii Counseling centre Mrs. Nazia Zafar
(Lecturer- Psycology)
viii Botanical  society Mrs. Mussarat Bashir
(Assoc. Prof. Botany)
ix Sports society Miss Javeria
(Asst. Director Sports)
x Healthcare awareness society Dr. Rizwana
(Lady Doctor)
xi Fashion, Art and Design society Mrs. Zara Sahar
(Lecturer- Fine arts)
xii Home economics society Mrs. FarhanaYasmeen
(Asst. Prof. H.Economics)
xiii Alumnae Mrs. Shagufta Saleem
(Prof. of History)
xiv Magazine (Urdu) Mrs. Nighat Latif
(Assoc. Prof- Urdu)
  Magazine (English) Mrs. Surraya Talat
(Prof. of English)