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Message by the Vice Chancellor

Historical princely city of Bahawalpur is considered as a land of educational opportunities. There are numerous colleges and schools in the city having several decades long history. Among these, the Government Sadiq Girls Degree College Bahawalpur has been recently elevated to the University named “the Government Sadiq College Women University Bahawalpur”.  Professor Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar became the founding Vice Chancellor of this University on 25th March 2013. He is son of the soil and also holding position of the Vice Chancellor of the Islamia University Bahawalpur. While assuming the charge Professor Mukhtar says:

“Establishment of the Government Sadiq College Women University is in line with the Prophet saying “Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim man and woman”

It is a great honor to be appointed as the founding Vice Chancellor of the Government Sadiq College Women University. Let me share my vision and aspirations for the university. I have always dreamed for the establishment of World class higher education institutes in Bahawalpur and nothing is more exciting for me than ferrying a college towards a specialized Women University especially in a city like Bahawalpur that has past several decades commitment towards education. It is a unique opportunity for me to design and develop something special, a contemporary, vibrant university for young daughters of the nation for these times and the times to come.

I have had the privilege of working in World class universities and organizations enthused with passion to literally change the World with education. Based on my previous experiences, I want to train the existing and bring new faculty having deep commitment to educating the most talented daughters and inculcate among them a culture of innovation, leadership. Graduating women from this university will significantly contribute in socio-economic landscape of the country.  

I look forward to attracting and working with the very best teachers, staff and students to build the basic architecture of the Government Sadiq College Women University. The dream of excellence in education will be achieved through a collective effort, developing pioneering curriculum and research, inspire young minds, and create the same kind of magic that world’s great universities have achieved in scholarship, innovation, social and economic impact. My dream is that GSCWU will revive the educational history of Bahawalpur for women from this area and will become an intellectual hub in the days to come. May ALMIGHT ALLAH (swt) fulfill all our wishes and dreams”


Warmest Regards

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar
Vice Chancellor