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Message by the Vice Chancellor

The Government Sadiq College Women University is a vital decision for the development of women resource in this region. It is committed to promoting female education with a special attention towards equipping women with leadership qualities in this part of Punjab.

Women’s universities are playing a vital role in the education of female professionals, artists, writers, thinkers, etc., who are the future leaders of an educated, enlightened, ethical and prosperous Pakistan. New women’s universities have already been established in Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore and Multan. The government is giving high priority to enhancing women’s enrollment in the higher education sector of Pakistan which has increased from 36 percent to 47 percent within the last few years.

This university will encourage female researchers/faculty members to avail various programmes for improving their education and research productivity through research grants, overseas travel for attending conferences and holding conferences in Bahawalpur. I assure you that the current government is ready to extend its utmost cooperation to provide every sort of possible support to this university.

Although in its initial stage of development, this university has a lot to offer to its women faculty members and students. An adequate infrastructure will soon be in place to facilitate this university’s community. It will provide jobs, teaching, learning and research opportunities to women in this region who have the potential to move forward and serve this region in particular and Pakistan in general.

We must endeavor together to maintain high standards of teaching, learning and research. Let us work together to create a viable and dynamic academic environment for the new generations of our students who will be the competent leaders of tomorrow. There is great potential for development in this newly created college converted into a university. We all must bear the difficulties of duty for a bright and promising future which is not very far off now. I assure you that my staff and I at IUB will put in our sincerest efforts to develop this into a modern and outstanding institution of higher learning for women of this region.


Professor Dr Qaiser Mushtaq
M.Sc, M.Phil, D.Phil (Oxon), Khowarzmi Laureate

Vice Chancellor